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Proof of Process

Proof of Process (PoP for short) is a protocol that allows participants to trust a common process by immutably recording who did what, when and in which order.

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This is accomplished through the creation of a cryptographic audit trail that records these key factual elements of every step of a process. It can be shared easily, independently verified, and thus provides a backbone of trust upon which participants in Proof of Process Networks can rely.

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Proof of Process Networks

Proof of Process provides a foundation for networks of trust; these networks can take shape in a variety of forms: Supply Chain, Spoke-Hub, and Consortium.

Network Topologies

Each of these network topologies is suited for different applications. A Supply Chain Network can be used to establish the veracity of sources manufacturing, a Spoke-hub configuration can be used match buyers and sellers across a marketplace, while a Consortium can be used to facilitate collaboration among partners with competing interests.

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